Recipe for FIRE PROOFER for table covers 


5 litres water 

300 grams Borax 

250 Grams Boracic powder. 


Dissolve powders in the water. 

Apply to articles by insertion in water and soak. 

Wring out and allow to dry. Then Iron. 

Makes most fabric Fire RETARDENT 


Does NOT work on plastic


Stall sizes are per 6ft table with access on one side and a depth of 6ft. Multiple sizes are available. The cost of a 6ft stall is stated on the booking form. There will be no deviations from the price on the form. All stall covers must cover to the ground on 3 sides to conceal stock stored underneath and must be fireproof. (For instructions on how to fireproof your covers CLICK HERE.) Vehicles must be removed from the front of the Marquee or building 15 minutes before the advertised opening time. All bookings must be on the official booking forms provided and accompanied by the appropriate cheques. NO BOOKING FORMS OR NO CHEQUES MEANS NO BOOKING. No phone bookings will be accepted at all because we do not have credit/debit card facilities. PayPal available on website. Only goods stated on the booking form will be allowed to be sold. If goods are not stated you will be required to remove them. All stalls will be provided with an electricity point, this is for lighting or working purposes only. Anyone found using Kettles will have the said item confiscated until the end of the show. Under no circumstances will gas burners/cookers be used within the marquee or building.

All electrical equipment will be checked for current PAT test certificates. If there is no PAT test cert. then you will not be allowed to connect to the supply.

CANCELLATIONS, if you cancel 6 weeks before the date, your cheque will be returned to you. The deposit will not be refunded. If you have not paid the balance, and cancel after the 6 week deadline, you will become liable to pay the remainder. There will be no refund after the balance date. Not showing at a venue that has been booked without notifying Kingfisher Craft will result in all future bookings being cancelled with no refund of fees.

All must have their own Public liability insurance. Kingfisher Craft Marquees will not be held responsible for the safety of persons, stock or monies during the event. Even though we have Security during the night, stock is left in the marquee / building at the stallholders risk. Kingfisher Craft Marquee Management require all stallholders to indemnify them against all claims for personal injury and damage to property caused by the exhibitors own negligence.

CAMPING will be available free of charge at all events.
Electrical connections for caravans will be at the discretion of the electrical contractor.

NO BOOKING FORMS OR REQUIRED CHEQUES MEANS NO BOOKINGS. All your names have to be recorded for health and safety reasons.

NO COOKING or REHEATING foods in the marquee, except for the demonstration Chef. NO CANNED DRINKS to be sold in the marquee